ABI Systems, web-based education and business software

ABI Systems Pty Ltd has extensive experience in developing and providing web based software applications to educational institutions and businesses including student tracking systems and goal setting systems. We are able to tailor affordable software solutions to your specifications in a timely manner.


Ongoing training and support to schools and organisations ensures that the maximum benefit is derived from its association with the staff at ABI Systems Pty Ltd. 


Individual Goals

ABI Systems has expertise in goal setting software and individual goal based reporting. We have developed a comprehensive package that allows each individual to be allocated different goals. These can be then be reported on and tracked. Our software is easily adapted to any situation requiring individual goals whether this is for staff appraisals in business or for students with special needs in schools. Being web based, our applications require no software to be installed on users' computers (apart from a web browser). Location is also unimportant so users can be at any number of locations scattered about the country.


We will be pleased to offer a free demonstration of our education and business software solutions.  Please contact us for more information.