ABI Tracking and Reporting

ABI Student Tracking and Reporting (STAR) allows teachers to produce the Student Report Card for both primary and secondary students, as well as producing outcome-based reports for Year 11/12 students.  Our ABI Student Tracking and Reporting software can be easily customised to suit any business that needs reports to be produced quickly and simply.


A key feature of the ABI Tracking and Reporting system is that multiple users can simultaneously have access as users are not automatically locked out after a colleague logs on. This means the administrator can easily allocate multiple teachers/users per class and all can be logged in and completing reports at the same time. Data from CASES, school administration packages or other business systems can be uploaded into ABI Student Tracking and Reporting (STAR) and xml result files are generated so that they can be uploaded into the CASES system.

The ABI Tracking and Reporting system features:

  • Web based platform and therefore suitable for multi-campus schools or multiple office locations
  • Multi user login, for example, both student and parent
  • A history of student or employee progress including in the case of students, indicating the VELS progression point from 12 months ago to assist the individual in completing reports
  • Individual assessment tasks can be recorded for each subject or project and in the case of school reporting, these are averaged to produce a VELS progression point for the report at the end of the semester
  • Personal and global comment banks
  • Students or employees can login and set their own goals


The benefits of using the web based ABI Tracking and Reporting system are many and include:

  • A completely web based system which means that all data is saved in one place (none lost during transit), updates are saved to a central location and time is not spent uploading updates to users' computers
  • Time is saved as font changes do not need to be made if teachers use different fonts when writing their reports.  Fonts are controlled by our templates which results in consistency and a professional output.