ABI Booking Systems

The ABI Booking System allows the booking of rooms, vehicles or other property on a web based platform.  Booking online has proved very useful as teachers and administrators can book their equipment and rooms while they are preparing their work at home.

The administrator is the only person who can overwrite a booking although users can unbook bookings that they no longer require.
Your ABI Booking system can be hosted in our secure data centre so all the benefits of this package can be obtained without the need to purchase any hardware.
Key features of the ABI Booking System are:
    * The ability to allow the booking of rooms and equipment using the web
    * A tally of room and equipment use is maintained

The benefits of using the ABI Booking system typically result in teachers and administrators working more efficiently.  More specific benefits include:
    * The convenience of booking from any computer connected to the internet
    * Users can book or unbook to allow maximum use of all resources
    * The administrator can track all usage

Interview Booking was developed as a web based parent-teacher interview booking system for schools. The ABI Booking system can be easily customised to other requirements that involve multiple bookings.

The main advantage of this system is that it allows users to access information as they make bookings; for schools, parents can see what subjects their children take as well as the teachers and they can also view their child's report.
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